What is Princess / Warrior Programming?

In the following video Freeman and Jamie discuss ‘Princess / Warrior Programming’ during an interview with Wash Your Brain.

Watch the whole discussion here

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2 Responses to What is Princess / Warrior Programming?

  1. that was really interesting, I’m confused though. What do they think the feminine ideal is? Is there an information about how we would exist without this programming? How would we act/dress/behave without it? Isn’t it impossible to say?

    • These are interesting questions and I’ve tried to write a response to them a few times – it’s very hard to articulate. So I will answer with more questions …. which is usually the best kind of answer anyway 😉

      What do YOU think the feminine ideal is? Or better yet, what do you FEEL the feminine ideal is? Or better yet what does your feminine nature feel is ideal?

      Have you ever spent some quality time looking within yourself for the answer to these questions? Or have you ever told your brain to just shut up for five minutes (or half an hour) so you could listen to your body, or listen with your body and hear the answer in the form of a feeling, or a knowing ….. a pleasure…. a shine in your eyes…. a warm glow inside?

      If Hollywood does one thing it is to encourage us to always look OUTSIDE of ourselves for the ‘answer’ and then attempt to copy it (in a superficial way, often involving a credit card) in our own lives.

      And not just look outside of ourselves but look specifically towards Hollywood itself of course! (magazines, mass media, celebs etc). Here is where we will find the answer about who we are and what we ‘should’ aspire to be. Is Hollywood run by women? I don’t think so. (and even if it was – what kind of women would they have to be to run such a sick industry, and why would anyone want to follow them?!)

      The idea we are given from birth is that if we follow the ‘instruction manual’ provided to us by these corporate ‘culture creators’ then we will achieve perfect femininity (or happiness, or wealth, or success, or respect, or masculinity or nuclear family or single life or whatever).

      Maybe some of the ideas contained in the Hollywood instruction manual are valid and maybe some are not so valid …..but it doesn’t really matter because every ideal we are fed by them is utterly superficial and plastic and is only used as ‘bait’ to hook us and get us looking outside of ourselves and make us dependent on outside approval. And on a mundane level it is used to make us feel inadequate and demoralised so that we buy their stuff (which we are told is part of this magic answer we are all looking for).

      And yes you are right, without Hollywood et al, it would be impossible to say how we would act, dress behave etc. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? 🙂

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