Outrage as MP Advocates Violence to ‘Discipline’ Elderly Relatives

A UK MP has attracted universal condemnation after suggesting that adults should be allowed to use violence against their own elderly dependants, such as elderly parents or in-laws who live with them.

The shocking comments came during a discussion about care of the elderly which focused on how age tends to reduce their mental and physical capacity to behave as fully responsible adults resulting in more inconvenience for their caregivers. Inconvenient scenarios discussed included elderly relatives getting distracted or confused and wondering off when being taken out shopping, being difficult about bathing, dressing or eating, or forgetting about important information despite constant reminders.

The remarks which sparked the outrage came during the Q & A session when the MP stated:

“The problem is that we’ve become far too politically correct about instilling proper discipline in the elderly. They may be totally dependent on us for food, personal hygiene and shelter due to their age but unless we are prepared to use either the threat or actual use of violence on them we are only encouraging them to play up and become unruly, taking advantage of us as caregivers in the process.

If my elderly mother started whining about ‘having tired legs’ in the supermarket or kept losing her purse or forgetting where we had parked the car I personally would have no problem with giving her a quick slap on the leg or arm or, if she was behaving very badly, putting her over my knee, pulling down her pants and smacking her on the bottom….”

“….In fact I blame the rise in so called ‘dementia’ among the elderly on today’s ‘namby pamby’ atittudes where hitting old people is automatically judged to be wrong, no matter how much they are driving us up the wall.”

Facing a huge public backlash and calls for his resignation the MP in question has now gone into hiding, cancelled all future public engagements and is currently refusing to comment any further on the matter.

– oOo-

You will be happy to know I just made up the above story. I wanted to make a point (inspired by this recent news story) about the kinds of insane and barbaric views still, sadly, held by many people with regards to hitting children.

My point is this:

Try reading my made up story again, only this time substitute ‘the elderly’ (written in red) with ‘children’, and substitute the elderly mother being smacked with a young child being smacked instead.

Now I ask you, what is the difference? Does that story become any more acceptable when it is about hitting children instead of hitting the elderly?

Dependent children and dependent old folk both have a reduced mental and physical capacity – that is why they are dependent instead of living on their own and holding down a job. And just like children, some elderly people are also from time to time a bit naughty and mischievous as well. But if some old folk broke the rules of a nursing home by sneaking in the odd cigarette or dram of whisky or betting their whole pension on the Grand National would that give caregivers the right to inflict violence upon them? Of course not!

So what is it about violence against the elderly which makes it seem so horrific? Apart from the fact it’s violence in the first place (generally assumed to be immoral behaviour) I would suggest the main factor is their physical vulnerability – the fact that they are so weak and puny.

So what about a toddler or child who might only be the fraction of the size of any adult? Aren’t they even more weak and puny than even the elderly? Why do we not regard hitting children as just as horrific (or more so)? Why is hitting someone that tiny size not judged as completely immoral and completely unacceptable?

We supposedly live in a society which condemns the use violence. This is especially true when there is an imbalance of power. Two burly men hitting each other is one thing , but a burly man hitting his wife who has less than half his strength is something else altogether.

So how can violence against children by adults ever be appropriate when there is such a HUGE imbalance of physical power in the parent-child relationship?

And it’s not just physical power which parents have over children. A child is dependent on its parents for everything: food, clothes, shelter, emotional wellbeing, protection, security, safety….

Suppose you are out shopping in a shopping mall. You’re tired, irritable and stressed. What would some random adult have to do to you before you resorted to smacking them? Try and think of something specific…….. Or what about your husband or wife? What would they have to do before you smacked them? And what about an elderly dependent parent? What would they have too do before you resorted to striking them physically?

Now what about a small dependent child?

Do you see my point?

This next one is going to be hard …..try and imagine a world where children are afforded the same basic rights as adults, the elderly and even pets (ie you’re not allowed to hit them under any circumstances by the generally accepted moral standards and law of that society). Imagine you grew up in that world. A world where smacking a four year old child was considered every bit as wrong as smacking your eighty seven year old parent.

Does that seem like a more sensible world? A more consistent world? A more civilised world? A more sane world? A more humane world?

Now imagine a world where ‘black’ slaves were not given the same rights as ‘white’ people. A world where you can buy and own ‘black’ people and treat them as slaves. A world where a husband can beat his wife and that is considered pretty normal and acceptable too. And a world where hitting your kids is so commonplace it is considered a fundamental part of raising children.

In that world I bet most ‘blacks’, wives and children would be very obedient to the people wielding violent power over them. But that’s hardly a good thing is it? It doesn’t justify violence being used against them …..or perhaps some of you think it would?

In any other social situation the use of violence against another indicates a total loss of control and/ or a total abuse of power. Slavery and wife beating are two examples of this. There is nothing about an adult hitting a child which suggests it is any different either. Calling the hitting of a slave, a wife or a child ‘disciplining’ doesn’t make any difference either. That’s just a word.

A parent and child rarely plan that child’s beatings in advance like piano lessons. The violence almost always occurs in the heat of the moment – just like other forms of domestic violence usually do, or fights that break out outside the chip shop on a Friday night.

Hopefully most readers will agree that violence against dependent children or dependent elderly relatives is equally immoral, unfair and unacceptable. Hopefully most readers will agree that you can’t instil moral virtue into a child (or anyone else) by treating them immorally. You can’t hit virtue, reason or good sense into a child any more than you can hit algebra or geography into that child.

In reality, hitting children is only ever about the parents losing control or abusing their power (or both) and all smacking does is train children to fear and obey authority which is the exact opposite of teaching them – through example – about thinking and behaving reasonably and respecting other people around you.

Over the last fifty years both African Americans and women (and numerous other persecuted groups) have had to stand up for their rights and fight hard to gain equal standing with those who used violence against them for the purpose of training them to be obedient (subservient). For these groups the battle has been (and still is) a long and arduous one.

The only group left in society who can still be lawfully struck ‘to make them obedient’ is children.

Now, do you think this is because it really is acceptable to hit children…….. or could it be because children aren’t capable of standing up for their own basic rights, not even the right to not be hit by others?


A Real Life Fairy Tale After All?

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The Fierce Face of the Feminine – Chameli Ardagh (video)

In this talk Chameli Ardagh speaks on how to allow for a natural response towards injustice, without creating more hurt, how to embody the power and beauty of feminine rage, why we are called to step up and give voice to the power of the fierce feminine, and how anger is not intrinsically negative.

Chameli also shows how an ancient goddess archetype of the fierce aspects of the feminine are highly relevant and illuminating for women and girls today.

After watching Chameli’s take on femininity and its potential, consider how femininity is promoted to girls and young women by the entertainment industry through its (largely manufactured) female icons. Pictured below are Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Fergie and Christina Aguilera.

And while you look at the following images, think how would you describe the type of femininity depicted by these female role models?

Is it even female?

Is it even human?

(the inclusion of images of hyenas will make more sense once you’ve watched the video above)



We know that in terms of content and symbolism, nothing in gets into modern big name music videos and stage shows by accident. In this respect music videos are no different to TV commercials. Everything is put there deliberately to promote some kind of message, behaviour, attitude, brand, product or mindset.

These heavily marketed (and thus heavily idolized) young women are being used to sell more than just ‘music’ and ‘fashion’. They are selling complex (although often nonsensical and contradictory) social, spiritual, philosophical and political ideas.


There was a time not long ago when women were not allowed to vote, discouraged from thinking about world affairs and trained to serve men.

As women have gained more rights in society and become more free to express themselves and have a voice in public, one might reasonably expect their natural (and naturally fierce) mother instincts to have had more of an effect on the previously male dominated world. Yet here we still are in a predatory/ parasitic world ruled by violence, surrounded by ‘never ending wars’ and with poor, starving and dying children the world over.

How ‘fortunate’ it is then for those war mongering (mass murdering) men in power, that stretching as far back as Marilyn Monroe, every popular female role model marketed to young girls has helped to steer women in a direction completely detached from – and even in opposition to – mother instincts, feminine power and even nature itself.

Coincidence? …… What do you think?

Now that this information age is enabling women (and men) to educate themselves about some of the true horrors going on in this world, we see any expressions of fierce femininity – even the very idea of it – now mocked and subverted into a tangled mass of non-sense by the ‘culture creators’ of the corporate mass entertainment industry.

In these times of perpetual war (of both terror and occupation) and of rampant corporatism (corporate fascism) a fierce woman is defined for us as a woman in stilettos and a bikini holding a gun. A crazy (but still sexy) bitch – still objectified, but perhaps a little more ‘ironically’ – and now toting a gun, riding a tank or getting sexually aroused in a war zone.

This is because if girls can be brought up to accept this ‘crazy bitch’ programming – and embrace it themselves – then they will more readily accept and embrace the ‘insane corporate fascist’ world around them too. The two complement each other very well. Do you see how it works?

See if you can spot the following in this video:

  • subliminal messages
  • not so subliminal messages
  • cognitive dissonance (mixed and contradictory messages)
  • war and police state  glorification and ‘sexification’
  • occult symbolism
  • the final gesture made by all the women to the men

While young girls learn how to ’empower’ themselves by idolising acts like Beyonce (who’s now even been given an ‘alter ego’ called ‘Sasha Fierce‘), Beyonce herself is shuffled around the globe by her handlers to entertain anyone willing to cough up a couple of million.

Without doubt women do have a louder voice in society today….

… but is it their own?!

For more information on predictive programming and desensitisation

via popular entertainments watch the video series

 Entertainment Does Not Exist

For more images of all your favourite pop and fashion icons check out the


Dance Therapy for Uniformed Thugs – A Crazy Idea or Genius (or both)?

(Post updated/ edited 1.6.11)

On May 28, 2011 television host (and Iraq war veteran) Adam Kokesh along with several other activists participating in a flash-mob were arrested at the publicly-funded Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Their crime? Silently dancing, in celebration of the first amendment’s champion; a clear violation of their right to free-expression. In an excessive use of force, video was captured of Adam being body slammed and placed in a choke for his non-crime.

You can visit Adam’s site and read the story with full video here

Here are some of the highlights caught on camera.

Adam explains the background to the event and gives more details about what happened on that day following the arrests in this interview.

Whatever your thoughts are on people moving their bodies to music only they can hear (via headphones) in a public space, there are several questions which immediately present themselves:

  • Is pulling people apart, body slamming them to the ground, putting them in chokes by kneeling on the back of their necks, handcuffing them and arresting them (for….?) the mark of a free, civilized and sane society?
  • Although it’s questionable the couple of dozen assembled people constituted a ‘situation’ to begin with – could such a ‘situation’ have been ‘dealt with’ in some other way by the police (assuming that the ‘situation’ even needed ‘dealing with’ at all)?
  • Given that it’s the 21st century and we are supposed to be at the pinnacle of human civilization, might a more civilized, intelligent and mature way of behaving have been for the police to liaise with the public in a non aggressive (friendly?) manner, before standing back and allowing them to get on with their 15 minutes of peaceful silent dancing and aimiable socializing (while remaining on hand just in case it all inexplicably turned into a violent frenzy of criminal destruction) before eventually wondering off after the gathering and getting on with their publicly paid role: that of keeping the peace and catching real criminals and so on?

And if we step outside of socially instilled definitions for a moment and look at this from the perspective of objective common sense we can even ask these questions:

  • Were the burly men dressed in matching blue uniforms who showed up with weapons strapped to their belts, who carried out a coordinated, unprovoked, spontaneous, unsolicited and violent kidnapping of their fellow human beings (who were at the time unarmed and behaving peacefully) perhaps the ones acting the most crazy that day?
  • Which group really breached the peace at that memorial on that day?

Are these valid questions? What are your own feelings on these matters?

Here’s Stefan Moleneux of Freedomain Radio with his usual astute, wise and delightful take on the whole episode.

Stefan suggests, with some degree of humour, that it would be a good idea if  these thuggish (and rather overweight, it has to be said) police officers were required to attend dance classes/ dance therapy of some kind in order to help them to reconnect with their human side; not to mention everybody else’s.

But is this suggestion something we could actually take seriously?

Or maybe having a ‘human side’ and learning how to judge and respond to real life and spontaneous social situations doesn’t matter so much these days. Maybe we as humans living in world of increasingly virtual interactions, multi media entertainments, as well as organized (managed) events such as sports games and concerts, we can exist without so much emphasis on skills like cooperation, fairness, empathy, communication, warmth, compassion, affection and humour…… or….  maybe these kinds of values and social skills are in reality extremely useful for helping to prevent those annoying accidental collapses of a free society, like the ones human history is so full of.

Bearing all this in mind, I personally think the idea of giving some kind of dance therapy to the police (and any other uniformed workers such as private security staff ) is actually a stunningly intelligent idea – especially for those with poor people skills and a tendency to resort to thuggish behaviour. It is the kind of scheme which somebody (a charity perhaps?) with the resources should definitely consider taking on – and ideally make a documentary about it too. Such a scheme could easily end up being a roaring success; a success for all concerned, not least the police (or security staff or whoever) taking part in it.

The very idea of ‘fighting against’ violence or thuggish behaviour is quite obviously ridiculous, partly because it is a blatant contradiction in terms but also because today it seems all laws and other forms of government intervention are moving in the direction of sanctioning violence, encouraging violence, enforcing violence and even arming those who wish to commit violence as the ‘solution’ to all things in the world.

But even disregarding this fact, the best way people who lack social skills, human judgement and who are prone to thuggish behaviour can really be helped to rebalance themselves is for them to receive the encouragement and help they need to unpick their own programming for themselves. Or at least be given the choice to have a go at it if they want to! As with most things in life this help can be either viewed as a an impossible task or a social responsibility (not least to our children) or even as a sheer delight.

The reality check is that if we don’t help our fellow thugs and regard them, on the whole, as fellow victims of a system created by a hierarchical ruling class which is fundamentally pro-violence (and in fact utterly dependent on violence) then no one else is going help them.

And if they don’t get that that kind of help while there is still time then heaven help us all in the very near future ….

Perhaps you think I am being a bit fanciful and unrealistic suggesting we can all help each other out by mutually working through and repairing our ‘bad programming’, and you might think it is unrealistic to imagine something as ‘artsy’ as dancing could be of any help in that respect.

But I always say that every failure is ultimately a failure of imagination.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;

it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”

Seneca – Roman Philosoper, Statesman

Advertisment: Adam vs the Man website can be found here  and  here and also over  here!!!


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Flashmobbing With Love (146)

First of all, what is flashmobbing?

Flashmobbing means slightly different things to different people. (wiki definition of flashmob)

In its purest form flashmobbing might be described as any group behaviour which involves interactionimprovisation and spontaneity for no other purpose than to break out of the habitual trance state we are all prone to entering due to the monotony of daily routines (job, commuting, TV, shopping) and learned socialization and instead enter into a more heightened state of awareness and vitality, and also to express and transmit this heightened state to others.

In other words flashmobbing is playing when it is done by grown ups.

It its most impure form it might be described as a contrived and cynical parody of all of the above by corporations in order to advertize their products and services.

A third category would be flashmobbing used to raise awareness of a good cause or campaign.

Trafalgar Square, London hosted an awareness spreading flashmob event on April 4th 2011. According to this in the Metro online:


146 West End Stars hold a flashmob in support of the non-profit organistation Love 146, which campaigns to end child sex slavery and exploitation, at Trafalgar Sqaure on April 11, 2011 in London, England.

(Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

Who are ‘Love 146’?

According to their website Love 146 is a non profit campaign group dedicated to the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation. I have never heard of them before, have you? Unfortunately this event does not seem to have got much publicity or coverage in the mainstream media.

Here’s how Love 146 got their name (according to their website).

In 2002, the co-founders of Love 146 travelled to South East Asia on an exploratory trip to determine how they could serve in the fight against child sex trafficking. In one experience, a couple of our co-founders were taken undercover with investigators to a brothel, where they witnessed children being sold for sex. This was their experience. This is the story that changed our lives.

“We found ourselves standing shoulder to shoulder with predators in a small room, looking at little girls through a pane of glass. All of the girls wore red dresses with a number pinned to their dress for identification. They sat, blankly watching cartoons on TV. They were vacant, shells of what a child should be. There was no light in their eyes, no life left. Their light had been taken from them.  These children…raped each night… seven, ten, fifteen times every night. They were so young. Thirteen, eleven… it was hard to tell.  Sorrow covered their faces with nothingness. Except one girl. One girl who wouldn’t watch the cartoons. Her number was 146. She was looking beyond the glass. She was staring out at us, with a piercing gaze. There was still fight left in her eyes. There was still life left in this girl…

“…All of these emotions begin to wreck you. Break you. It is agony. It is aching. It is grief. It is sorrow. The reaction is intuitive, instinctive. It is visceral. It releases a wailing cry inside of you. It elicits gut-level indignation. It is unbearable. I remember wanting to break through the glass. To take her away from that place. To scoop up as many of them as I could into my arms. To take all of them away. I wanted to break through the glass to tell her to keep fighting. To not give up. To tell her that we were coming for her…”

Watch this video:

If anyone was there in Trafalgar Square either watching or participating (or filming?) please leave a comment/ video link – thank you!

And a big thank you to Love 146 and to all the flashmobbers!

Trafalgar Square hosted another event recently aimed at raising public awareness of the abuse of children. The UK Rally Against Child Abuse was held there last year on Saturday 7th August. Unfortunately, this event was not heavily publicized or covered by the mainstream media either. And according to one of the event’s speakers, the filmaker Bill Maloney of Pie and Mash Films, over 600 members of parliament were invited to attend……….. not one single MP showed up.

Here’s Bill Maloney talking about his personal campaign to sort out institutional child abuse to ITV London News who were present to cover the event that day. I am not sure how much of this interview (or the event) was ever broadcast by the television though. Does anyone know?

Bill Maloney meeting fellow survivors on that day

Bill Maloney addressing the public (video contains some heartfelt language peppered with the occasional swear word)

There were many speakers that day. Here’s David Icke telling it like it is…


…. and here’s Minty Chalice speaking out

Another speaker that day was Robert Green who is investigating/ campaigning for the Hollie Greig alleged child abuse case. Here’s a very brief overview of that case taken from Robert’s own blog

Hollie Greig alleged in 2000 that she was the victim of a paedophile gang in Aberdeen. Her mother Anne was forcibly sectioned within days of the allegations being made. Hollie was awarded £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in spite of the fact that no-one was ever charged with any crime. Grampian Police only interviewed two of the fourteen people named by Hollie as abusers and none of the six people she named as fellow-victims.

Here is (part 1) of a talk given by Robert Green outlining this extraordinary and shocking case in more detail.

An interview with Hollie, her mother Anne Greig and Robert Green from April 2010

Kenny MacAskill questioned by Robert Green at Portobello Hustings

(Edited to add: More videos of Robert’s campaign can be found here)

Watching these people speak from the heart, from experience, and with such passion and conviction is – I’m sure you will agree – an emotional experience. And it raises so many questions about this world we live in that it is hard to know where to begin. For example, why do we not spend more time championing these causes to protect such vulnerable children (as all children are), and why don’t we regard the people who do campaign so valiantly as some of society’s greatest heros and heroines?

I can’t imagine anyone (apart from those who actually abuse children) who wouldn’t want to see child abuse exposed and stopped wherever possible. Therefore supporting these campaigns and championing their campaigners should be a ‘no brainer’ cause, right?

So in that case why is it that these people are often left shouting to crowds of 50-100 people in Trafalgar Square (London’s population is approx 10,000,000) while later that evening millions at a time will tune in to watch mass entertainments like televised ‘X-factor’ or ‘Masterchef’ game shows or televised football games every evening or every weekend?

This can’t even be properly explained away using the idea of  ‘selfishness’, because surely the satisfaction and ‘feel good factor’ of helping to bring these causes to light, bring them to justice and in doing so help prevent any future abuse of children must outweigh the ‘feel good factor’ of watching a bunch of fame obsessed out-of-tune singers, celebrity cooking wannabe’s or even the most talented sports games players?

The next video happens to feature David Beckham but is not meant to be a personal criticism of his contribution to society (it could have been any overpaid sports, music or movie celeb). But this example of an overblown ceremony of sports celeb adoration does raise the valid question: why are we not treating these researchers and campaigners like Robert Green who are fighting so hard to stop the rape of children a bit more like this?!!!

In a future post I will look further into why today’s adults are not only failing in their duty to protect their own children (and the children’s generation as a whole), but are also helping to perpetuate society’s dysfunctional condition in the process.

Meanwhile, I found this wonderful TEDx talk by Chameli Ardagh on ‘….. how to allow for a natural response towards injustice, without creating more hurt, how to embody the power and beauty of feminine rage, why we are called to step up and give voice to the power of the fierce feminine, and how anger is not intrinsically negative, only what we do with’.

When it comes to understanding, and then dealing with injustices such as child abuse of all kinds, this might be a good starting point.

Every 80 years or so the whole population of the planet is replaced, yet the dysfunction at the core of our society (but not, I would suggest, at the core of our human nature) never changes. What is going on with that? Clearly some kind of ‘damage’ is being passed down somehow from each generation to the next to create an unbroken cycle.

The fact that we are so utterly familiar with society’s dysfunctional state does not mean we necessarily understand its root cause at all (but it does mean we are more likely to accept it without even questioning why).

But if we were to ever gain a proper understanding then perhaps society could be transformed, quite naturally, simply as a result of that increased understanding.

Or to put it another way:

Just what incredible changes to civilization might we see if we could allow just one new generation to grow up free from systematic sexual/ violent abuse by adults?

At the moment any answer is speculative because it’s never happened before.