Contemporary Arts, Entertainments and Fashion

Gallery 1 – Butterfly symbolism (often symbolises MK Ultra ‘project Monarch’ mind control)

Gallery 2 – War, militaristic and police state symbolism

Gallery 3 – Death, skull and bones, baphomet, satanic symbolism

Gallery 4 – Doll, (dismembered) mannequin, puppet, corpse, android symbolism (often symbolises state of mind control victim)

Gallery 5 – Sex kitten (mind control sex slave) symbolism

Gallery 6 – All seeing / one eye symbolism

Gallery 7 – Freemason symbolism

Gallery 8 – Black / white, dualistic, checkerboard (freemasonic) symbolism

Gallery 9 – Pyramid with all seeing eye, freemasononic/ illuminati symbolism

Gallery 10 – Hand gestures (various meanings)

Gallery 11 – Bird cages and bluebird symbolism (birdcage symbolises mind control, and MK Ultra ‘project bluebird‘)

Gallery 12 – Disney / Mickey Mouse symbolism

Gallery 13 – S&M, sex slave, whore etc symbolism


People Who Have Gained Power Within The Hierarchy

Gallery 1

Locations, Maps and Buildings

Gallery 1

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