The Fierce Face of the Feminine – Chameli Ardagh (video)

In this talk Chameli Ardagh speaks on how to allow for a natural response towards injustice, without creating more hurt, how to embody the power and beauty of feminine rage, why we are called to step up and give voice to the power of the fierce feminine, and how anger is not intrinsically negative.

Chameli also shows how an ancient goddess archetype of the fierce aspects of the feminine are highly relevant and illuminating for women and girls today.

After watching Chameli’s take on femininity and its potential, consider how femininity is promoted to girls and young women by the entertainment industry through its (largely manufactured) female icons. Pictured below are Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Fergie and Christina Aguilera.

And while you look at the following images, think how would you describe the type of femininity depicted by these female role models?

Is it even female?

Is it even human?

(the inclusion of images of hyenas will make more sense once you’ve watched the video above)



We know that in terms of content and symbolism, nothing in gets into modern big name music videos and stage shows by accident. In this respect music videos are no different to TV commercials. Everything is put there deliberately to promote some kind of message, behaviour, attitude, brand, product or mindset.

These heavily marketed (and thus heavily idolized) young women are being used to sell more than just ‘music’ and ‘fashion’. They are selling complex (although often nonsensical and contradictory) social, spiritual, philosophical and political ideas.


There was a time not long ago when women were not allowed to vote, discouraged from thinking about world affairs and trained to serve men.

As women have gained more rights in society and become more free to express themselves and have a voice in public, one might reasonably expect their natural (and naturally fierce) mother instincts to have had more of an effect on the previously male dominated world. Yet here we still are in a predatory/ parasitic world ruled by violence, surrounded by ‘never ending wars’ and with poor, starving and dying children the world over.

How ‘fortunate’ it is then for those war mongering (mass murdering) men in power, that stretching as far back as Marilyn Monroe, every popular female role model marketed to young girls has helped to steer women in a direction completely detached from – and even in opposition to – mother instincts, feminine power and even nature itself.

Coincidence? …… What do you think?

Now that this information age is enabling women (and men) to educate themselves about some of the true horrors going on in this world, we see any expressions of fierce femininity – even the very idea of it – now mocked and subverted into a tangled mass of non-sense by the ‘culture creators’ of the corporate mass entertainment industry.

In these times of perpetual war (of both terror and occupation) and of rampant corporatism (corporate fascism) a fierce woman is defined for us as a woman in stilettos and a bikini holding a gun. A crazy (but still sexy) bitch – still objectified, but perhaps a little more ‘ironically’ – and now toting a gun, riding a tank or getting sexually aroused in a war zone.

This is because if girls can be brought up to accept this ‘crazy bitch’ programming – and embrace it themselves – then they will more readily accept and embrace the ‘insane corporate fascist’ world around them too. The two complement each other very well. Do you see how it works?

See if you can spot the following in this video:

  • subliminal messages
  • not so subliminal messages
  • cognitive dissonance (mixed and contradictory messages)
  • war and police state  glorification and ‘sexification’
  • occult symbolism
  • the final gesture made by all the women to the men

While young girls learn how to ’empower’ themselves by idolising acts like Beyonce (who’s now even been given an ‘alter ego’ called ‘Sasha Fierce‘), Beyonce herself is shuffled around the globe by her handlers to entertain anyone willing to cough up a couple of million.

Without doubt women do have a louder voice in society today….

… but is it their own?!

For more information on predictive programming and desensitisation

via popular entertainments watch the video series

 Entertainment Does Not Exist

For more images of all your favourite pop and fashion icons check out the


4 Responses to The Fierce Face of the Feminine – Chameli Ardagh (video)

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  2. ISOwatcher says:

    While consistent with trying to hide the evidence that feminism harms women, men and children, these militaristic prostitutes are at odds with the antiwar, socialist tradition of pop music.

    Has anyone followed the money? For example, is Senator X on the boards of Sony, In-Q-Tel and Lockheed Martin?

    • Well, the Pentagon freely admits (but does not exactly promote the fact) that it has a dedicated film liaison department. It’s job is to supply Hollywood studios with free use of planes, tanks and other equipment in return for the right to ‘advise’ on scripts. For example, they admit to having scripted ‘Top Gun’ from top to bottom in order to create the ultimate military propaganda movie. They even put recruiting booths in the cinema foyers when the movie was first released. It worked!

      IMHO it would be stunningly naive to imagine they wouldn’t have their fingers in the pie of the music industry too. Especially when you look at what passes for an anti war song these days….

      … and when you look at our current female role models …

      Even Disney used to make government propaganda and I believe most of the rides at Disney land are sponsored by military industrial corporations.

      And then there’s the mass media / CFR connections….

      And the whole mass entertainment industry from the Oscars to Disney reeks of the occult, government agencies and secret societies. Is Hollywood/ Disney connected to the military industrial complex, or would it be more accurate to say it is in fact a branch of the military industrial complex?!

      Pop stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake etc were all Disney child stars (mouseketeers). There is strong evidence to suggest that some of these celebs are even under trauma based mind control (MK Ultra). They are certainly being used to promote mind control symbolism and themes (such as the acceptance of DID and having multiple personalities) in music videos. It seems they are promoting to the youth a ‘Brave New World’ society of mindless, medicated, happy consumers where mind control may even be sold to us eventually as a rebellious vice, or even a form of 21st century mass entertainment/ escapism. What more logical destination can consumerism have than a Huxlian style of total mind control over the population?

      The anti war stance thing is interesting. Has youth culture ever actually taken an (effective, potent, meaningful) anti war stance?

      Could what we know as mainstream ‘youth culture’ actually be the solution to the problem of an informed and ‘mobilised’ youth population. Until the post WW2 period teenagers and a youth culture didn’t really exist. It’s no surprise to me that as soon as teenagers were freed from having to step straight from childhood into their adult roles (as wives, mothers, apprentices, farm labourers, factory workers etc) and as soon as they were able to communicate with each other and exchange ideas they immediately wanted to overhaul society to make it more free and human centred. It’s called evolution! This liberated, empowered, imaginative and energised youth culture with time on their hands must have been regarded as a significant threat to the old order, the establishment.

      As I understand it (and to put it very simply), the 60’s counter culture started out as an energetic but also intelligent and articulate political/ philosophical awakening with lecturers, students and intellectuals all opposing the wars and government corruption. Then out of nowhere the ‘hippies’ arrived and the whole thing got turned into the rather more simplified ‘peace and love’ message, where ideas of freedom and self expression were turned into hedonism, which was eventually turned into consumerism, apathy, ignorance etc

      So the initial powerful movement started as an articulate set of ideas and messages….. which became cause and a slogan …. which became a badge .. which became a form of fashion …. which became a range of products and services … which brought everyone safely back to consumerism (where they have remained to this day!) In other words the whole movement was masterfully subverted and dumbed down.

      I think TPTB encouraged the youth to believe they could change the world by writing songs, taking to the streets and having pop festivals and generally adopting a more self expressive ‘free’ lifestyle. Actually, the idea that you change society by changing yourself and living an authentic life (according to your own principles) is very powerful and very threatening to the ‘establishment’. This is why they had to make hippie/ peace and love movement fail and turn this quest for self knowledge and an authentic lifestyle into pure narcissism and consumerism. This failure was then used to validate the political process and ‘democracy’ as the only viable means to change the world.

      Today most people are disillusioned with politics but not as disillusioned as they are with ‘people power’ or our ability to change the world ‘from within’. But ultimately that ‘change from within’ (to an authentic life lived according to your own principles) has to be the first step to change anything in the world ‘out there’. But people don’t want to hear that. Our society is structured so that we never look inwardly for answers. We are so socialized, so well trained to fit into the hierarchy (and so well rewarded for doing so) that we fear our own psyches. We fear self knowledge. And we qiuckly dismiss it, along with tie dye and incense!

      Whenever the people want true freedom (from politics/ government) it seems our rulers first help us to define that freedom in a way that suits their agendas, and then they sell that freedom to us. They are now busy doing the same thing all over again to the ‘Occupy’ movement. It’s called ‘Problem – Reaction – Solution’.

      Thankfully kids today have the internet and social media and thus the ability to think beyond the mainstream media, and beyond attempts to subvert their cause. But they still have to THINK hard to do this!

      Only when a generation can command its own philosophical, spiritual, intellectual, political, social position, fend off attempts to subvert them and truly ‘occupy their own chosen timeline’ can change occur in society. This is now a very real possibility, although we’re not quite there yet.

      Anyway, if you want to get a picture of just how artificial the whole 60’s hippie culture was and how connected it was to the military industrial complex, read the following series of articles. They are very entertaining and well written as well as being quite mind blowing. It seems that most of our hippie icons came from high ranking military families, grew up on or near to military bases and all inexplicably congregated in LA at the same time to start the Hippie movement…. who’d have thought!?

      ….and it gets curiouser and curiouser from there….

      Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation (part 1)

      Hope that goes some way to answering your question. It’s not really something I’ve deliberately set out to research. It’s just bits of info I’ve picked up along the way.

      Hmmmm I might turn this long comment into a new post…..

  3. susannemoore says:

    Great post and video by Chameli Ardagh. I agree that girls are programmed to accept a version of womens ’empowerment’ through sexuality that ultimately feeds into corporate greed. I applaud blogs like yours and others which are bringing this information to the many. I have often thought that with a combined strength, women could literally move a mountain in defense of themselves and their families – but why don’t they? We are dismissed instantly by the patriarchal, heterosexual when we are seen to be ’emotional’. Our opinions devalued and often ignored. But there is a way to true equality for all and it is coming.

    On my blog, I have taken to approach of showing only positive images and stories of real women to develop positive change strategies. There is a way to channel our fierceness, but I think it needs to be inclusive of men and promote positive and actionable strategies for change. Thanks so much for this information, I will put a link to your site from Changing Women’s resource page.

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