‘Telephoning’ Lady GaGa to tell her she’s a bit of a hypocrite

More GaGa failness.

Watch this clip first…

That was actually me ‘telephoning’ Lady GaGa to call her a hypocrite.


For saying she wants to meet with Obama to help fight bullying after appearing in videos that depict bullying within a distinctly casual, sexualized and fashionable context.

OK so I admit it only glamorizes bullying ‘a bit’.

But then again…… that video has been viewed over 120,000,000 times on youtube alone. That’s a lot of susceptible little minds (many of whom worship everything GaGa promotes).

And we do know that 30 second clips of ‘social programming’ do have a big effect on the attitudes and behaviour patterns of modern societies. It’s called ‘advertising’ and it’s a multi billion dollar industry (because it works so well on us).

Full story here courtesy of billboard (extract below)

WASHINGTON (AP) – Lady Gaga wants to meet with President Barack Obama about her concerns over bullying.

Gaga expressed sadness over Twitter Wednesday about the suicide death of a 14-year-old New York boy who had complained in an online video about being bullied over his sexuality.

The pop singer tweeted to her 13.7 million followers: “I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end.”

The White House held a conference on bullying prevention in March to discuss bullying, estimating that it affects 13 million students, or about a third of those attending school.

Obama said then he hoped to “dispel the myth that bullying is just a harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up. It’s not.”

(Speaking of hypocrites…)

Watch more videos by Stefan Molyneux at his youtube channel and visit his website here

3 Responses to ‘Telephoning’ Lady GaGa to tell her she’s a bit of a hypocrite

  1. Well, I don’t know about Lady Gaga, but aren’t we all a little hypocritical? I was bullied growing up, as were most people at one time or another. I bullied others too, as did most people at one time or another. I worry about future generations that are getting their world baby-proofed instead of being taught, like we did, to deal with it. Bullying will never end, and we do a disservice to our kids by trying to stop bullying instead of teaching them how to live through it.

    • Did you watch the second video?

      “…and we do a disservice to our kids by trying to stop bullying instead of teaching them how to live through it….”

      But must it be either/ or?

      What I find most disturbing is not that a complete industry sell out (fame monster) who’s promoted everything from ritual sacrifice to trauma based mind control in her videos (both being etxreme forms of bullying) and a president who’s broken all his campaign pledges to further the illegal wars abroad and continue torture and police state at home (more extreme cases of bullying) are speaking out against bullying … or even that they would use such a worthy cause for their own self promotion (and use each other in the most cynical of symbiotic PR stunts)…. what I actually find most disturbing is that millions of people around the world will totally fall for it.

      They will not even see the hypocrisy. They will be completely blind to it, despite it being written in flashing neon letters hundreds of feet high. They will not see how GaGa is fully assimilated into the corporate brainwashing machine that sees children as nothing more than ‘potential revenue streams’ and that Obama is just another war mongering puppet presiding over yet more mass murder, torture and an economic annihilation of the general population.

      They simply won’t make that connection.

      Just imagine if *you* or *I* were to waterboard people in our basements and invade and pillage our neighbouring towns, and villages – looting the shops and leaving depleted uranium devastation in our wake – and everyone knew about this. Then one day we climbed up onto our soap box and started speaking out publicly about how much we opposed bullying.

      No one would take us seriously. In fact we would probably win some kind of special award for hypocrisy!

      Yet when famous people (who’s public profile has been scientifically crafted for them by PR companies) do just that for real, hardly anyone has the capacity to grasp the hypocrisy. I find that quite incredible.

      Perhaps it’s just me…..?

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